Jefferson Valley Equine Center at a Glance

Beginning with the photo above, which shows one of the jumps on our obstacle course, this page shows you the main features of our facility.

Training is at the core of our program, and we are proud of the Well-Broke horses we have produced over the years. But a Well-Broke Horse deserves a horseman who can use his talents, and the horseman deserves a place where the Well-Broke Horse can be ridden and enjoyed.  This is what the Jefferson Valley Equine Center is all about.

Barn and Outdoor Arena

Indoor Arena


And Our Fishing Pond

Our Services

Training: Friesians to Quarter Horses and draft horses to mules, we train your horse for you needs.  And, if the idea appeals to you,  we can help you train your horse and improve your horsemanship.

Lessons: Our lessons are aimed at helping you reach your goals.  Our lesson program includes basic horsemanship, plus instruction for special interests like team roping, breakaway roping, barrel racing, cutting, and reining.

Cutting: We like cutting horses and enjoy working with today’s cutting bloodlines, which are more trainable and athletic than some of the older bloodlines. We believe cutting training helps develop a horse’s athletic ability for any event, so Wednesday evening is cutting night at JVEC. We use buffalo for our practice sessions and accommodate anyone interested in learning about cutting, beginner or advanced.

Roping: Monday night is roping night. We always have quality roping steers available, plus we have a mechanical steer, which is a tremendous tool for making a good rope horse. All skill levels are welcome.

Free Horse Health Evaluation: You may not be aware of something in your horse’s physical condition that is interferring with his performance. Our evaluation takes into account such things as your horse’s weight, teeth, feet, legs, and muscle condition. We also help you pick the best bit for your horse.

Specialty Programs: Throughout the year, Dean gives clinics that help riders who seek a deeper understanding of horsemanship. You can stay posted on his clinics by checking our activities calendar, calling 406-287-3670 or 406-565-2681 or using e-mail: