Good Minds – Sound Bodies – Proven Bloodlines

Here are eight quality horses for your  consideration

Photography by Pat Miller of Whitehall, Montana

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Partee is good in the roping arena, and he can take you to the mountains for a day’s work.  He is athletic and good minded.  He’s five-years-old so you can count on him to give you years of service.

Some horses have it all, looks, disposition, talent.  She’s one of  them.  Three years old.  Cutting, Reining prospect.

This three- year-old was born to be a rope horse.  Driftwood and Hancock breeding.  He is well started and comes with a willing and gentle disposition

This four-year-old mare is showing great promise in cutting and reining.   She has the right blood lines for top performance.

He’s three years old and already 16 hands.  A very gentle and willing gelding.

This horse has the temperment and physical ability to beome a Well-Broke Horse and develop into a first-rate performer in any activity that might interest you. He’s three.

If this colt lives up to his heritage, he’ll be a heck of a cutting horse with a great disposition.  His sire, our stallion Cutten It Up Lena, gives his colts good minds and cow savy.

Raw talent waiting to become a great horse.  Some of the best genes available in today’s horse world.