Your Road to a Well-Broke Horse Starts Here

With Dean Briggs

  • Do you have a colt you want started right so that he will one day be a Well-Broke horse?
  • Is your horse not living up to his potential?
  • Do you have a problem you can't fix?
  • Are struggling to reach the next performance level with your horse?

You can reach me on my cell phone--406-490-3670 or on the ranch phone: 406-287-3670.  

I'd be glad to talk with you about your horse and tell you what I can do to help you become a better horse-person and move your horse forward on the journey to becoming Well-Broke.  I work with all breeds and train for all disciplines.  For a closer look at our program in action, scroll through the material below.  

_DSC6670Ride With Dean

on May 29 & 30

Horsemanship/Cow Horse Clinic

Take another step on the road to your Well-Broke Horse

Clinic cost is $225, includes lunch.  Clinic is limited to 12 riders.  A $100 deposit will reserve your place. Call Wendy at 406-287-3670 or 406-565-2681.

The Goal of Our Clinic

We hear a lot of talk these days about how we need to specialize in one or two things if we want to be successful.   Many of today’s horsemen do that.  They put a lot of time and money into learning a specific discipline—dressage, cutting, sorting, roping.  And they look for horses bred to perform at a high level in their chosen event.  This pays off.  Our horses today are better and so are their riders.  But regardless of your special interest, you need a well-broke horse if you want to do well.  The well-broke horse is our mission, our passion, here at Briggs Quarter Horses.

It’s hard to beat variety for making your well-broke horse and working with cattle gives your horse a chance to do something different, to learn something he may not be used to. Well-broke simply means your horse willingly tries to do what you ask of him. When you build that into your horse, you then can develop all his talent for your specialty.  This is what our  Cow-horse/Horsemanship Clinics are all about.

2015 Cutting Horse Show at a Glance

Michelle Van Dyke of Sheridan, Mt. shown here riding Texas Brush Popper during last day of the show. She won third place money in here class.

Michelle Van Dyke of Sheridan, Mt. shown here riding Texas Brush Popper during last day of the show. She won third place money in here class.

This is the 4th year that we have held the MCHA show at the Briggs arena.  We went to a three-day event this year to give more riders a chance to participate in a class suitable to their skills.  All told we had 225 entries, with riders coming from throughout this northwest region.  We thank all who helped, all who rode.  We enjoyed having you.  Hope to see you next year.
Fresh cattle are settled for the days first set of riders

Fresh cattle are settled for the days first set of riders

Pro rider with a tough cow

Pro rider with a tough cow

Shawn Briggs riding our obstacle course.

Shawn Briggs riding our obstacle course.

Cowboy Race Course Tests Horsemanship

Our Extreme Cowboy Race Course is a good place test your horsemanship skills. If you would like to ride the course and get a feel for what it can do for your horsemanship, call: Dean 406-490-3670, Wendy 406-565-2681. Home phone is 406-287-3670. We’ll schedule a convenient time for a visit.

If you aren’t familiar with cowboy racing, it is important for you know that it is anything you want it to be. It isn’t wild and crazy as the name might indicate.

True, it can get western when the pros run the course as fast as they can, which is what Shawn Briggs is doing in the photo at left.  But that’s their choice. If your choice is a challenge that is slow and deliberate and comfortable, that’s also part of cowboy racing or just enjoying the course.  At its core, Extreme Cowboy Racing is about horsemanship. In race competitions, riders are judged first on their horsemanship. The second element of a rider’s score is speed.

You must have good horsemanship skills to go fast, and this basic ingredient of good horsemanship and polish is the main reason Dean decided to offer cowboy racing at Jefferson Valley Equine Center. It fits with his program of developing the well-broke horse that can be used for any horse activity…dressage to team roping, whatever suits your style.

Out course is suitable for every horse-person:  beginners, seniors, children, and pros.   It's just plain fun.

A Rare Find







To get the details of this wonderful horse, go to our "horses for sale" page.



What's It's Like Riding at Jefferson Valley Equine Center?

....If you haven't been to the Jefferson Valley Equine Center, you might like to know what others who have the horse gene have to say about the program Wendy and Dean Briggs have developed.

“Regardless of your riding discipline, you’ll be impressed with Jefferson Valley Equine Center. About a year ago when I bought my dressage horse I started riding regularly JVEC. I wasn't sure what to expect riding dressage in a primarily roping/cutting arena. Dean informed me he uses dressage in his training and that if riders used basic dressage, there wouldn't  be so many problem horses. I knew I had found a comfort zone.”

Gina Ossello

“One day while riding with Dean my mare kicked out when I asked for a right lead and sent me over her left shoulder. Dean pointed out my back was stiff, rigid as a board, which made it impossible to absorb the mare’s jarring movement. In a blink, Dean fixed a problem I don’t even know I had. Riding suddenly became easier and more comfortable. Pretty good feeling.”

Allan Byrd

“Our family has used the Briggs Equine Center for seven years. We have had colt starting & training; dental & chiropractic service, plus lessons. We own horses that have been bred and raised by them. They are responsible breeders, not traders. They are honest and professional in their dealings. We recommend them to anyone needing any or all of their services. “

Double Arrow Livestock –Scafani Family