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Welcome to Our Ranch

Our Family Has the Horse Gene–Does Yours?

We often joke with people when they come to the  ranch and tell they probably were born with a horse gene.

That gene is the invisible force that draws we humans to horses and makes us want to be with them and to understand what makes them tick.  It’s no doubt  the horse gene in us that has caused us to be fascinated with horses and make them central to our lives.

Our family, Dean and Wendy and son Shawn and his wife Nikki, runs our business in Montana’s Jefferson Valley, about three miles south of Whitehall. Our second son Lance does not have a strong horse gene.  He’s a businessman and lives in New York City.

We started Briggs Quarter Horses more than 30 years ago and expanded the business in 2008 to include the Jefferson Valley Equine Center, which enables us to offer more services, including indoor activities year round, clinics, and special events.  It’s aimed at meeting the needs of people with the horse gene.  CLICK HERE to see our ranch. Thanks for stoppin by.

Marvin Makes Us Proud

We had a few doubts when we decided to put Marvin in this year’s Salmon Select Horse Sale. But he did us proud.

Our doubts were based on the fact that Marvin was just coming five, and he had been to “town” to compete only a few times. The Salmon sale is a regional event. It takes more than a pretty face, which Marvin has, to impress buyers. Those buyers are looking for horses that can carve a reining pattern, do herd work, and rope cattle, and do it all calmly. Those buyers want something special.

We knew Marvin was special, but thought all this might be asking a little too much. But in the end, we felt Marvin was well-broke and ready for the world to see. The folks at the Matador Ranch, located just south of Dillion, Mt., agreed and bought Marvin for their remuda, which earned the Best Remuda of the Year Award in 2013 from the American Quarter Horse Association.

The Matador breeding program is based on the genetics from horses like Peppy San Badger, Royal King and performance horses like High Brow Cat, Dual Pep and Playgun.  Marvin was sired by our stud Cutten It Up Lena and he carries genetics from Smart Little Lena, Peppy Lynnea and Kansas Badger. His registered name is Cutten Up Beat.

From the day he arrived at our ranch, Marvin displayed a calm, willing-to-please personality. We started him when he was two, and he moved through our Well-Broke-Horse training program with little drama or negative responses to pressure. His personality and his physical abilities make him ideal for the kind of horse the Matador Ranch needs in its ranch work. Marvin can work hard, cover lots of ground, and handle the stress of working cattle in close quarters.

Come to think of it, Marvin is the kind of horse that is pretty good for just about anything a person might want to do with a horse. He fits our idea of what we call a Well-Broke-Horse, ready and willing to do most anything.

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