Jefferson Valley Equine Center & Briggs Quarter Horse Ranch

 Your Road to the Well-Broke Horse Begins Here

We train what we call the Well-Broke Horse, one suitable for any discipline

We teach people how to get the most satisfaction from their horses

We breed horses for the temperment and talent to become Well-Broke Horses

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Welcome to Our Ranch

Our Family Has the Horse Gene–Does Yours?

We often joke with people when they come to the  ranch and tell they probably were born with a horse gene.

That gene is the invisible force that draws we humans to horses and makes us want to be with them and to understand what makes them tick.  It’s no doubt  the horse gene in us that has caused us to be fascinated with horses and make them central to our lives.

Our family, Dean and Wendy and son Shawn and his wife Nikki, runs our business in Montana’s Jefferson Valley, about three miles south of Whitehall. Our second son Lance does not have a strong horse gene.  He’s a businessman and lives in New York City.

We started Briggs Quarter Horses more than 30 years ago and expanded the business in 2008 to include the Jefferson Valley Equine Center, which enables us to offer more services, including indoor activities year round, clinics, and special events.  It’s aimed at meeting the needs of people with the horse gene.  CLICK HERE to see our ranch. Thanks for stopping by.

Our Activities & Events

The Well-Broke Horse can do many things, so we plan our events and clinics each year with variety in mind…roping, cutting, barrel racing, gymkanas, team sorting, problem solving, and for a little variety a costume contest as part of a Halloween team sorting.  Click the button below to go diretly  to the Happenings page to see what we are doing now and visit often to learn what will be doing in 2018.